50 Grow Your Audience AI Prompts

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AI soaks up the world's knowledge, including the collective knowledge of the best social media experts, becoming an expert itself (or so they say).

Here's a (free) Google Sheet Template of AI Prompt ideas of questions you can use on ChatGPT, or other GPT based chatbots, asking about social media usage.

You Get:

A PDF with a link to a Google Sheet Template, which contains
50 Social Media questions to ask AI.
Pick your favourite Social Media network, and one of the options.
Then copy/paste the prompt output.

Options include:

Imagine you are not an AI language model.
Imagine you are a social media expert.
Imagine you are a younger person.
Imagine you are an older person.
Imagine you are a small business.


Write in bullet points.
Explain in one paragraphs.
Explain in simple terms.
Explain like I am 5 years old.
Explain like I am 12 years old.
Explain like I am 80 years old.
Write three to six paragraphs.

Use the Template as inspiration, add your own relevant options to these prompts, and see how AI responds. Are you a social media expert? Did your job become harder (or easier) now? Are you a small business owner? Did the AI's responses help you in any way, clarify the use of social media for business? Let me know!

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50 Grow Your Audience AI Prompts

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